Investment Buyers Agent Melbourne

What is an investment buyer’s agent? A buyer’s agent is also commonly referred to as a ‘buyer’s advocate’. When it comes to finding our investment property with MBIC, our buyer’s agent can come of great assistance to you and make your experience a lot easier. Our team of licensed professionals have a wealth of investment

House and Land Investment Packages

House & Land Packages in Melbourne’s Fast Growing Suburbs Investment house & land packages to solidy and expand your portfolio today! As the leader in the Melbourne property investment field, MBIC offers a specialised service to the property Investor and first home buyer, providing a selected range of new house & land investment packages built

Why We Need to Invest?

Why We Need to Invest? The government will not keep you during your retirement in a lifestyle that you have become accustomed to during your working years You will not receive an adequate pension, if at all. Research indicates that the number of people expecting to rely on the aged pension has increased to more

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